Aubade with Sweet Pomegranates

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  • Aubade with Sweet Pomegranates

"Aubade with Sweet Pomegranates" is a compilation of film photography, poetry, and prose shaped by the lyrics of "We Deal With the Freak'n (Intermission)" by Solange, specifically the lines "The god that created [us] is a divine architect that created the moon, the sun, the stars, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Venus" and "We are the walking embodiment of god consciousness." Inside lies my depiction and understanding of divinity, especially Black and Queer godliness. This book is a testament to the multidimensionality of coexisting sacrifice and pleasure. Here's to the debut of passions.

sage clementine braziel (they/fae) is a Black autistic Queer femme artist, healer, and Virgo. Within their art, sage holds space for tenderness, sorrow, goofiness, and all emotions in-between. Their photography celebrates and preserves life and all its joys. Their writing embodies the beauty and agony that accompanies existing with several marginalized identities. More of their work can be found at @MedusaInterlude on Instagram and at